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delecTABLE Designs

DelecTABLE Designs Show 2012

The Junior League of Toronto (JLT) presented the inaugural DelecTABLE Designs 2012, a 3-day exhibit of unique dining installations created by top interior designers and decorators — where designers redefine table decor.

This fundraiser event is in another JLT’s initiatives, which is in line with their mission to help develop the potential of women and improve communities.

NgLp Designs’ Nathalie Gluckstein and Letizia Petti presented their 2012 Collection of 11 unique, handcrafted designer placemats, proudly made in Canada. Designs included modern faux-skins and higher-grade textiles in various shapes from Round, Clover, Modern Square to the more traditional Rectangular-shaped placemats. Custom options are available with the help of one-to-one design consultation.

The main table display featured the GALA Bordeaux placemat; a 15” round faux-skin Bordeaux-coloured placemat with cord accent trim.

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